Fully Detailed Logs Of Maintenance Activities Conveniently
On Your Dashboard

WPCare.biz provides its clients with a maintenance plugin on their WordPress dashboards to monitor the maintenance team’s activities.

With the plugin, you can keep track of everything going on in your and your clients’ websites without the need to contact the team and wait for a response. Of course, WPCare.biz’s team will always be happy to answer any additional questions you have regarding the maintenance activities you want detailed information for.

You will have a general overview of every aspect of WPCare.biz’s maintenance service plan. And you will not get lost as the user interface of the maintenance view is user-friendly and intuitive. This is the kind of transparency and convenience you will not get from most third-party dev teams offering multi-site maintenance.


If your agency is also expanding rapidly, you can use the maintenance plugin to keep them updated with their sites’ maintenance tasks. This service can take a lot off your shoulders while your clients can rest assured that they are receiving high-quality WordPress maintenance service from you.

If you want to keep WPCare.biz’s presence unknown, you can also opt to white-label the company’s maintenance service. White labeling the service allows you to offer maintenance service as an additional feature or service of your agency.

Everything On A Single Support Page
And Interface

Monitor The Updates Applied
To Your Sites And See If Your Sites Are Running Optimally

One of WPCare.biz’s maintenance features is its visual validator that ensures that every update on all your sites will not cause them to break or deny service to their visitors.

You can find the status of the visual validator by accessing the Updates tab of the maintenance plugin. To see the recent updates, you can go by clicking on Visual Test(s).

Every time that the validator performs an update, the maintenance plugin will log a record of that event. You will know if the visual validator successfully applied the updates or not.

Keep Tabs On Every Backup Performed On Your Websites

Let your and your clients’ minds be at ease by checking the backup records on the dashboard plugin. Every time WPCare.biz performs a full or incremental backup of your sites, know that it will appear as a log entry or notification in the maintenance plugin.

Have Complete Oversight On Your Sites Security

A monitoring application is crucial for security. This is one of the main reasons WPCare.biz pushed to develop the maintenance plugin. When it comes to security, every stakeholder must be well informed. After all, everyone will be affected if hackers and malware injectors target your sites.

The maintenance plugin will provide you with a rundown view of all daily scans performed on your websites. It will contain the scans’ results and let you know if WPCare.biz found threats that need to be resolved or have been already resolved by the team’s happiness engineers.

Why You Should Get WPCare.biz’s
Maintenance Service Plan

As an agency or a web developer, you must ensure that all of your clients’ websites are always in tip-top shape. You know that you will be the first one they will call and blame when things go wrong. And it does not matter if they were the reason their website crashed or broke.

If you already have a huge team of your own, this will not be an issue. You can delegate maintenance and monitoring tasks to one or two developers and call it a day. However, if your company is still in the under-10-employees category, it will be best to get help and outsource this part of your service.

Hiring a reputable third-party website maintenance service provider like WPCare.biz is a wise decision. Here are a few of the benefits you and your agency will reap once you hire this company:

You will stop worrying about your agency’s rapid growth.

More clients mean more work and employees. WPCare.biz already has a team of vetted and skilled developers that can take care of all the maintenance tasks of any number of websites-not to mention that they use homebrewed maintenance applications and scripts to make work simpler, faster, and more effective.

You will not worry about hiring and managing new employees:

If you hate to gamble getting an employee that can start office politics, toxicity, and drama, you can avoid all of that by getting the service of WPCare.biz’s team of developers at your disposal.

You will deliver your service in a much consistent and timely manner.

WPCare.biz’s team is committed to providing you with the best and reliable maintenance service on the web. They will not let you down.

White Label Option For Rapidly Growing Agencies

All WordPress websites under WPCare.biz’s maintenance service plan will receive the maintenance plugin. This means that you, your client, and privileged WordPress admins of those sites will see the maintenance interface.

You can opt to brand the maintenance plugin with your agency’s name to ensure that your clients and their employees know that all the maintenance tasks are being provided by your service instead of a third-party.

Aside from preventing confusion in your client base, you can also take advantage of the white label option as an additional service that you provide. Without hiring extra employees or other separate expenses, you can take profit from WPCare.biz’s maintenance plan. With enough clients, you can cover the monthly fee of the service.

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Why do I need a Care Plan Audit?

We only work with websites that are well built and error free on our Care Plans. We need to run an audit on your website to make sure that it’s a good fit for our systems. In addition, you get the bonus of knowing that your website is in good order and good hands.

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